2011 ~ It was a very good year

Despite a very soggy Michigan economy, MLP has been the recipient of incredible    generosity from people in our community and from far away.  Many good people.  Many good memories. 

Thanks to Every ONE who kindly shared their Time, Talents & Support.

So how do you build a baseball field despite very hard times?

First … Dream. 


  • Ask a Few Friends to Help.

  • Use a Shovel to Break Ground.

  • Borrow Trucks and a lot of Equipment.

  • Don’t let a Little Mud Stop You.

And When the Field is Ready, Invite Friends to join the Opening Day Celebration.

Finally, in order to have a Proper Ball Game, Invite KIDS & Their Greatest Fans.


The secret of MLP Baseball: It’s more than a sport … It’s about Believing Every Child has the Chance to Play Baseball and be a Part of a Team … and Making that Dream Come True.

And that’s how you build a   baseball field.


Here’s a video that looks back at the Construction, Groundbreaking, Opening Day, and First Season.  Not all of the 63 MLP Players, Families, Buddies, Coaches & Volunteers are pictured in the video, but you can be sure that all of their faces and good deeds will be in our hearts forever.

MLP Video: 2011 / Season #1 - A good year @ 357 Theodore St. this year and next: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0k6AInNuMcI