Psi Upsilon Fraternity Winterfest 2012 - Broomball @ U of M


On February 18th, the Psi Upsilon Fraternity will be hosting our annual Winterfest Fundraising Event. In the backyard  of the Psi Upsilon Fraternity House, hundreds of University of Michigan

Students and alumni will gather to watch 8 fraternities and 8 sororities compete in a day-long  broomball tournament with proceeds split between The Miracle League of Plymouth and The Thin Blue Line of Michigan.   1000 Hill St, Ann Arbor.  (Weather Permitting)

          Miracle League of Plymouth.  "Every Child Deserves a Chance to Play Baseball".  The Mission:

    • Provide opportunities to all children with special needs to play baseball regardless of their abilities.
    • Promote community awareness and support.
    • Maintain special facilities that meet the unique needs of players and their families.


  • The Thin Blue Lineis a non profit organization, which exists to provide assistance in the areas of financial, legal, benefit recovery, counseling, funeral stipends, college stipends, medical costs, medical equipment and other areas of hardship to the families of injured, personal illness, disabled or deceased members of the law enforcement community in addition to Firefighters, Dispatchers, Corrections, EMT, EMS and Administrative Clerks.


Sponsor Involvement.  In order to help these charities as much as possible we are looking for support from organizations who are interested in gaining exposure to students at The University of Michigan in addition to supporting a great cause. In exchange for monetary or food donations, We will hang your company’s or organization’s banner on our back wall surrounding the ice rink for hundreds of U of M students to see as they watch the day-long broomball tournament. Please assist us in supporting these charities as well as in creating an event that the University of Michigan campus will savor.


For more information, contact:  If you are interested in making a contribution, please contact: Josh Farkas (440) 220-2484, email: